• What's next for Lionel Hollins?


    There was not much dialog between Lionel Hollins and Grizzlies Management since the end of the season and after a meeting Monday it seems they could not come to an agreement on philosophical differences. And now Hollins, the most successful coach in team history is out.

    When Memphis grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins got first full time head coaching job he made it clear from day one, in order two win he was going to do things his way. 

     "I have been around winning. My whole life has been about winning and it's not because I have always won on the court but I have always stayed true to myself." Hollins said the back in 2009 when he was hired by the Grizzlies. It may have been staying true to himself which proved to be Hollins' undoing with the Grizzlies. Hollins openly disagreed with management's decision to trade leading scorer Rudy Gay... 

    In an interview before the trade Hollins said "I would certainly for the record let you know that I like my team the way it is and I would like to go forward but again it's not my call." A few weeks after that statement Rudy Gay was traded, when asked about the trade Hollins said in a national interview  "when you have champagne taste, you can't be on a beer budget." Open comments against new management like that one and differing opinions in the direction of the team moving forward can partly be associated to why Hollins is out as grizzlies had coach.

    It's the only thing that seems to fit. Each year he was the head coach the Grizzlies improved on the court having their best season in franchise history this year. This seasons success is also way Hollins should land on his feet the Clippers, Nets and Nuggets have shown interest. He is set to interview with the Clippers Wednesday.

    The Grizzlies are moving forward as well and it is expected they will hire lead assistant Dave Joerger, former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl is also on their short list of candidates.

    Hollins direct and to the point demeanor with the media did not lend him to being the most likable coach ever, until you got to know him.  Despite that there was overwhelming fans support in Memphis to keep coach Hollins. He openly pled to keep his job on local radio stations. However in the end, it was thought Hollins always saw the writing on the wall.

    "There are going to be people that after I get going won't like me no matter how much success I might have. That's just life." Hollins said. 

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