129 unsolved murders in Memphis since start of 2016

By: Jim Spiewak


MEMPHIS, Tenn. - There are 129 unsolved murders in Memphis since the beginning of last year.  

That means the killer in 30% of Memphis’ murders are still on the streets.

For victims, getting answers can take time, years even – as proven by the recent high profile case of Lorenzen Wright’s who’s accused killer wasn’t found for 7 years.  

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MPD director, Michael Rallings said earlier this week, “We will never stop until people are held accountable and brought to justice for taking a life.”  

According to MPD, there are 69 unsolved murders this year.  

54 have carried over from last year. MPD said they have a staff of 20 working these cases.  

“Our investigators work 24 hours a day, but again we often cannot solve these crimes alone,” Rallings said.  

Rallings said of the solved murders this year, 96% of the victims were killed by people they knew.  

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