• FOX13 Investigates: BBB warnings about those cute, inexpensive clothes ads on Facebook

    By: Valerie Calhoun

    You have seen the ads on Facebook... Cute and inexpensive clothing for men and women. The prices and style seem too good to be true. 
    Last month, we shared the experiences of some Mid-South women.

    Now, we can tell you what happened when we tried to cash in on the deals, and, we have a word of warning from the Better Business Bureau.
    FOX13's Valerie Calhoun ordered two items from one of those sites. Her merchandise did not arrive in time for our story, in late November.
    That is when we shared stories from three women who lost their money when they ordered from Rosegal, JJ's House and Zulily.
    Renita Lewis told us one of the two sweaters she ordered from Zulilly never arrived. The first one did, but it was late and too small.
    Allison Larue told us the sweater she ordered from Rosegal was so small, it did not even fit over her head. She said, "I'm out the money," because they do not do exchanges or take returns.
    Carolina Earnes lost $160 when she ordered a mother-of-the-bride dress from JJ's House. In her words? "I got burned."
    All received clothing that did not fit and/or was not as nice as it appeared to be online. All got stuck. No returns. No exchange.
    That is something the Better Business Bureau told FOX13 is common with some companies based overseas.
    Randy Hutchison said, "You don't necessarily get what you think you're buying. You're not going to get it in the timeframe they promise it. You may not be able to get a refund. And the price we always say if the price is too good to be true it probably is."
    Valerie ordered two items from Rosegal on October 31. She also ordered a dress from Nasty Dress. That sale never went through.
    She  paid extra for expedited shipping (to be delivered) in 3-11 days.
    19 days later, she received the dress from Rosegal.
    23 days later, she got the flannel shirt she ordered shipped from China.
    She ordered size "Large" in both. 
    The red hoodie sweatshirt dress did not fit... at all.
    The BBB told us Rosegal has an "F" rating. There were 311 complaints. 
    Hutchison said, "That means they're getting complaints that either they're not responding to it all or they're promising refunds of people aren't getting the refunds. The problem just isn't getting resolved."
    The other item did fit with room to spare. The quality is fine.
    Just remember... "Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware."
    Read the comments and fine print. For example, Rosegal suggests you order a double XL if you are a U.S. size 8.
    Prepare to wait.
    None of the people FOX13 talked to got their items in a timely manner. And, only order if you can afford to keep a product that does not fit.

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