FOX13 Investigates: Breaking down gun violence in Memphis

by: Tony Atkins Updated:


In addition to Memphis’ record number of homicides this year, 1,065 people have been shot or shot at throughout the city’s various neighborhoods.

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"It takes more than a mayor,” said Andri Steele, a resident of the Gaston Park neighborhood. “It take more than a police director and all the police.”

Steele can often be seen working on one of his rental properties throughout the neighborhood. It is more of a way to keep his mind off of the harsh realities he has faced in his community over the years.

“I’m a victim,” Steele said. “I’ve buried two of my sons here in the city.”

It is the deadliest year ever recorded in the City of Memphis... 217 homicides. But the sheer number of people impacted by gun violence does not end there.

FOX13 reached out to Memphis police and discovered 1,065 people have fallen victim to violence this year.

“A little bit of everybody... You have whites getting killed, women, older and younger people getting killed. It’s like a virus,” he said.

720 of this year’s shooting victims were men, and 345 were women.

After losing two of his sons, Steele has seen first hand how gun violence runs deeper than just a shooter and victim.

“It’s more ramifications than a person who loses their life. It’s something else lost in that,” he said.

Steele hopes that these rumors will help open some eyes about shooting in Memphis.