FOX13 Investigates: How giving your cell phone number out can put you at risk

What if your cell phone number could be a gateway to your private life? 

Two sets of digits might be with us our entire life, a social security number and a cell phone number.  But, unlike a social security number, a cell phone number is not legally regulated by anyone. 

A lot of companies, including banks, money lenders and social networks, just to name a few, ask for personal information - and we volunteer it.  

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There's a notion that if I put something, only me and the person I'm giving permission to can see it. "That concept is totally wrong," says University of Memphis Computer Science Professor, Dr. Dipankar Dagsupta. 
Tonight on FOX13 News at 5:00 p.m., Chief Investigative Reporter, Jim Spiewak, uncovered what a widely circulated cell phone number can mean for your privacy.

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