FOX13 Investigates: Sex crimes at two local Shelby County schools

by: Jeremy Pierre Updated:


A FOX13 investigation has learned the Memphis Police Department has been called to two South Memphis Shelby County schools for more than five sex crimes this year.

Records given to FOX13 through an open records request show five forcible fondling events happening at the Hamilton Middle School in August.

FOX13 also discovered a kidnapping abduction happening at Hamilton High School in late October.

"I haven't heard anything about this," Denton said

Denton told FOX13 after a young family member was abducted and raped while walking home from school recently he now he drops them off and picks them up from school.

Denton says a majority of the students at the Hamilton Middle School walk home making them easy targets for predators in the neighborhood.

"Students are everywhere and it's crowded," Denton said.

FOX13 received information through an open records showing five forcible fondling incidents happening at the school in August.

Four of them happened in just one week.

"It makes the area look bad for students to go to school in,” Denton said.

We also discovered in the open records request a kidnapping abduction happened in late October about three blocks away at Hamilton High School.

"Let Shelby County Schools tell it, the students are just fine walking home," Denton said.

We reached out to Shelby County Schools by email to learn if they know about the incidents and if so what is being done.

They released this statement to us.

The District takes all reports of inappropriate behavior seriously and will always notify the parents of the students involved in these types of isolated incidents.  Student safety is our top priority, and if an investigation ever produces evidence of a potential school-wide concern or threat, we would certainly inform all families at the school.

We also discovered from that information two rapes have happened within a point five radius of Hamilton Middle and High Schools within the last three months.

MPD has not confirmed with FOX13 if anyone has been arrested in the fondling cases here at Hamilton Middle School.

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