• How are people dealing with road conditions after snowfall in Memphis?

    By: Jerrita Patterson


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The day after the Mid-South's first snow storm of the year drivers were urged to travel with extreme caution.

    "This is really bad," Emily Mann said.

    It's not the snow that's the greatest challenge, instead there's a coating of ice that. 

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    "On foot this is bad, in a vehicle this is really bad," Mann said.

    Emily Mann decided to ditch her vehicle Saturday, instead opting to walk to a nearby coffee shop. That too was tough because sidewalks were also coated with ice. The Nebraska native said the winter storm really hit hard.

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    "This is the worse I've seen," Mann said. "But I haven't been here that long."

    However, she has been in the area long enough to see for herself the difficulty many were facing as they struggled to get around.

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    "I'm used to this, but it's legit treacherous out here for anybody," Mann said.

    Navigating through the wintry mess was both difficult and dangerous and will continue to be so. 

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