• Memphis VA worker accused of threatening boyfriend details different story

    By: Marius Payton


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A woman accused of making threats against fellow employees at the Memphis VA told FOX13 it could have all been prevented. FOX13's Marius Payton spoke with her and she said she was just protecting herself from a year of abuse.

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    Police said Dominique Reeder threatened to kill multiple people, including a former boyfriend who works the VA, and his family. Tuesday, she told a very different story of abuse she endured at the Memphis VA Medical Center by that ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, and said managers did nothing about it.

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    "It was a nude photo. Me and the other employee have been dating the same guy so apparently what she did was brought a nude photo to my job," said Dominique Reeder. 

    That was just one of multiple instances of harassment at the Memphis VA Medical Center that Dominique Reeder said drove her to her breaking point. She said she tried to contact management.

    "I followed up with an email, and I was like you know this is what's happening to me. What are you guys going to do about it? And nobody did anything," Reeder said.

    We have obtained copies of at least 3 reports that Reeder filed detailing instances of harassment by the two people she was recently arrested for threatening. The reports dated in February, May and June and filed at the VA. She even emailed Director David Dunning in June complaining of the harassment, and she said the VA did nothing.

    "I was backed up against the wall, and it was pushed under the rug. That's what happens at the VA. You can't speak up at the VA. You can't say this happens if it doesn't look good to management, management is going to be pushed up on the rug just like everything else."

    Reeder told us she hasn't heard from the VA and does not know if she still has a job after being arrested for making those threats.

    She believes there's plenty of blame to spread around. She will own up to hers, but she believes others, especially the Memphis VA Medical Center should be held responsible for allowing the harassment to happen.

    (So how much do you blame the VA?) "I blame them probably about 95%. I'm just going to  be honest because I had to come and work in these conditions. This happened to me." 

    Reeder also told us the person who was supposed to investigate the allegations was the exact same person that she filed a lawsuit against for another issue. She said she will fight for her job and is contemplating getting an attorney. 

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