Prison food service worker accused of having relationship with inmate

By: Tom Dees


A food service worker at the Alcorn County Correctional Facility is facing charges.

Law enforcement said Susan Iwema, who works for CBM Foods out of Texas, has been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime for sexual activity between an employee and an inmate.

"During the interview, she told us it had been going on for approximately two to 3 months," said Derrick Hester, chief of the prison's security.

Police said Iwema used Facebook Messenger, and the inmate used an illegal phone to communicate.

Iwema left her computer open at work when officials saw the Facebook conversation.

"There was a bunch of illicit content between Susan Iwema and the inmate," Hester said.

"There are various areas in the kitchen that are not on camera, and one of the areas that is not on camera is where they were meeting at," Hester said. 

The incident is coming to light after the prison underwent a major shakedown by the Department of Corrections. In that shakedown, the Department of Corrections found more than 100 illegal cell phones, drugs, and tennis shoes.

"We just have to tighten our security and everything up," Hester said. 

Iwema is being held on a $3,000 bond.

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