• Study says Memphis is one of the ‘neediest' in the county


    Since it’s the season of giving, WalletHub decided to do a follow-up story to their Most Charitable States' study with an in-depth look to this year’s ‘Neediest Cities.’

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    The study is meant to inspire goodwill toward the less fortunate. WalletHub compared over 180 cities across the country for the study.

    Here is a break-down of the ‘neediness’ in Memphis (1=Neediest; 91=Avg.)

    • 10th – Child Poverty Rate
    • 34th – Adult Poverty Rate
    • 75th – Homelessness Rate
    • 5th – Food Insecurity Rate
    • 40th – Uninsured Rate
    • 43rd – % of Homes with Inadequate Plumbing
    • 86th – % of Homes with Inadequate Kitchens


    For a full report of this study, visit wallethub.com.


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