• Property managers scramble to fix busted pipes at Whitehaven apartment

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis father who was forced to relocate his family from his freezing apartment, is considering it once again, as the complex deals with busted pipe issues. 

    Pipes in several units at the Windbranch Apartments in Whitehaven burst while FOX13 cameras were rolling.

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    Derrious Hudson has been dealing with various issues for months, so he reached out to FOX13. 

    Wednesday, we went to the Windbranch Apartments to check that complaint and noticed several pipes were busted at the complex. 

    “Out of nowhere, we got busted pipes coming left and right,” said property manager, John Alverado. “We’re working around the clock to fix this kind of problem.” 

    Alverado blames the cold temperatures, and brief warm up, for the pipes. 

    As for the Hudsons, Alverado said he’s bring in extra people to deal with the issue.

    “I have five to ten people working temporarily, just for this,” he said. 

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