• Woman's ex-boyfriend slaps her at her job, police say

    By: Courtney Mickens


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A man is charged after police say he attacked his ex-girlfriend while she was at work.

    The victim told them she was assaulted by her child’s father while working Tuesday afternoon.

    Officers were called to the 3400 block of Park in Orange Mound when the victim said she was helping a customer when her ex-boyfriend, Adarion Mobley interrupted her.

    A witness said the woman came around the counter and told the suspect to leave, but he kept arguing with her.

    The suspect's girlfriend then entered the business and stood at the door, according to MPD.

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    The victim told police that the arguing escalated, and the suspect slapped her on the right-side of her face and through candles at her. The victim then said she threw candles at the suspect as he ran out the store.

    An off duty officer said he saw the victim chasing the suspect as he drove his car away. The officer said the victim was crying, cursing, and throwing items at the suspect.

    The off duty cop then stopped the suspect further down the street. The suspect told the officer he slapped the victim. 

    The suspect was then taken into custody and transported to 201 Poplar. 

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