• Memphis Weather: Cool temperatures for the Mid-South

    By: Patrick Pete , Brittani Dubose , Lindsey Monroe , Joey Sulipeck


    Clear, dry and beautiful with cold overnight temps on the way.

    High pressure has settled in and will control our weather going into the end of the work week. This means stable, dry and mostly sunny weather with temps warming towards Friday.

    Saturday and Sunday will see some rain enter the mid-south again – with cooler temps likely to follow.


    Clear and chilly – Low 46


    Sunny and mild – High 72


    Temperatures will start to rebound on Tuesday. Mostly sunny, highs near 72°.


    We’ll keep a quiet weather pattern with lots of sunshine around through the week with high pressure in control.


    Highs Wednesday bounce back to the mid 70s with highs back near 80° by next weekend.


    There is no rain in the extended forecast.


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