Brittani DuBose


Go Vols and Hail State! Brittani joined FOX13 in July 2015 as a meteorologist. She calls Tennessee her home, as she has lived in both Knoxville and Collierville for most of her life. If you ask Brittani why she got into meteorology, she'll tell you it's because of her fear of tornadoes when she was younger. After graduating from Collierville High School, Brittani spent four years studying journalism at the University of Tennessee. A geography class renewed her interest in weather. When Brittani graduated from UT, she set her eyes on Mississippi State, where she received her second degree in Geoscience. In her final year at State, Brittani was given a great opportunity at WABG in Greenville, MS to work as a weather forecaster. Upon graduating, Brittani moved to Tallahassee and became the weekend meteorologist at the #1 station, WCTV. It was there that Brittani came into her own. She covered ice events, tornadoes, major flooding, and tropical storms. In her spare time, Brittani loves to read and watch sports. Oh, and eat. Because of this, she has a love/hate relationship with the treadmill. She is happy to be back home in the 901, and hopes to be a positive influence on girls across the Mid South.

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