Greg Coy,

Anchor, FOX13 News

What is the best way to describe veteran and award winning anchor reporter Greg Coy? He is always on the pursuit of the big story, the better live shot, the perfect way to anchor a newscast and the best way to tell a story to the viewers. It explains why Greg has worked in various major markets to learn and then apply his talent where there are opportunities for professional development. His greatest talents might be his leadership skills to mentor young journalists on staff with advice and a strong work ethic. He understands the need to grow with the industry and leveraged his journalistic skills to become an anchor, host of a regional network show, co manager of the broadcast and provider of content for on line media. What drives him? Meeting complete strangers, gaining their respect, telling a story that stands out in a newscast are not challenges to him but opportunities. The location could be either Frankfurt, Germany, the local farm or a media junket for a visiting celebrity, each is important to him and the viewer. It is reflected in his work and personality on and off camera. He's been quoted saying, "I have the best job in the world, why not love it unconditionally."

Latest Headlines by Greg Coy

The TBI report says the clearance rate for homicides last year was about just over 30 percent, which means seven out of ten families are still waiting for their loved ones’ accused killer to be caught.