Mail delivery scams increase as more people shop online

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An elderly woman thought she was getting a Mother’s Day gift, but it turned out to be a scam.

She told FOX13 she got a text message from what appeared to be UPS letting her know she missed a delivery.

FOX13′s Mandy Hrach spoke with the woman, who said she wants to warn others so they won’t be tricked into giving out their personal information.

“I got a text, and it said I missed a delivery on Mother’s Day. So I said, OK, that could happen,” Mary Anne May said.

May is a mother of two. So when she got a text on Mother’s Day from what appeared to be UPS telling her she missed a delivery, she thought nothing of it.

“When I clicked on the thing to have it redelivered, it wanted my address, birthday and then asked for money, so I had to give a credit card,” May said.

The link took her to a site with the UPS logo. It even listed tracking information and a location where her package was supposedly being held.

Thankfully, she called UPS before filling out the form.

They helped her confirm it was a scam.

“I know people who would have put their information in,” May said. “I think I am a little savvy, but they strung me along for a long while. It made me mad.”

The Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South (BBB) told FOX13 that mail delivery scams like these have been around for a while, but they started to see a huge uptick during the pandemic as more people started buying things online.

“If you didn’t initiate contact, don’t engage. Don’t trust what’s on your phone. Don’t trust your email. Unless you gave a company a specific permission to text you, the text messages you’re getting are not real,” said Daniel Irwin with the BBB.

The BBB said misspellings and grammatical errors in unsolicited texts could also be a red flag.

May said her situation has taught her to be more careful.

“If you are a younger person and you know your parents or grandparents might fall for something like this, help them out. Give them some tips and ask them to call you before they do something,” she said.