Tips to protect your home while you’re away for the holidays

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you’re leaving home for the holiday to visit family or go out of town, police and the Better Business Bureau is giving you some helpful tips to keep your home safe from burglaries. This comes after a busy month for police who said they’ve investigated more than a hundred burglaries this month alone.

According to police, just locking your door won’t stop burglars from trying to break into your home during the holiday season especially if there are clear signs that no one is home.

"The problem is the criminals can hide a lot easier. We can’t be everywhere, and they can see us coming long before we know where they are,” said Mickey Williams, MPD Colonel Raines Station.

Colonel Mike Williams said it’s been a busy month for police ahead of the holidays. As people are doing more holiday shopping and leaving home to visit family, police and the Better Business Bureau said burglars are looking for their next victim.

“All of those things papers in your driveway and packages on your porch are just signals that nobody is home,"said Nancy Crawford a spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau.

"We suggest people do some different things to make their home safer,” said Colonel Mike Williams.

Putting home lights on a timer to go on and off so it appears that someone is home and installing a camera system that allows you to see and speak to whoever comes to your front door through your mobile phone, are more precautions you can take.

But the most important tip may be logging your possessions.

“We have a household inventory sheet and a firearm inventory sheet. You can download those from our website to keep up with those valuable items that have serial numbers,” said Colonel Mike Williams.

Police said they’ve investigated more than 300 residential burglaries this month alone. Those numbers are down from last year with more than 400.

They hope to keep that number low to finish off the year by having officers patrolling.

You can also request vacation checks on your home if you will be out of town.

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“It’s very important for you to be safe when you’re traveling and that’s one of the ways you can stay safe. Make sure somebody has your itinerary, knows where you’re going and how to reach you,” said Crawford.