• Devon Becomes a Racecar Designer


    Devon was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was nine-years-old. He went from being a carefree kid to constant doctor appointments and treatments. No child wants to be stuck in a doctor’s office, but with every bad turn there’s a good change to follow, and for Devon, that came when he found out that his wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort had been granted.

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    His entire life, Devon has been a Spiderman fanatic and he always wanted to meet him. When he found out he was going to Disney World, he already knew he was going to find Spiderman.

    Although meeting Spiderman was life-changing, Devon also loved the Test Track ride. He got to design his own car while waiting in line and then as he rode, he got to see how his car was holding up, making him a proud car designer.

    “I loved being able to build my own car and see how it drove,” said Devon.

    Devon also got train to become a Jedi. He now uses his powers of the force on a daily basis to navigate his way through treatments.

    Through the wish experience Devon not only became a car designer and trained Jedi, but he and his family had a blast, all without the stresses and obligations of battling cancer.

    “This wish taught us how to let go and just live life again.”- MomWays to Help



    Age at time of wish: 9

    Medical Condition: Neuroblastoma

    Wish: To go to Disney

    Tags: Disney, Cars, Spiderman, Jedi

    Date of Wish: 12/26/2015

    Sponsor: GE Capital Aviation Services

    Hometown: Cordova, TN

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    Devon Becomes a Racecar Designer