• FOX13 partners with Mid-South Food Bank to help feed the less fortunate

    By: Darcy Thomas


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Hunger continues to be a growing problem in the Mid-South leaving food pantries overwhelmed as they try to meet the need.

    FOX13 is working with the Mid-South food bank to focus on hunger. 

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    FOX13's Darcy Thomas shows us why for now the food bank can only meet half of the need in our community.

    Every month, Margie Faulk and her husband drive a truck from Fayette County to the Mid-South Food Bank in Memphis.

    "We're probably hitting about 20% of what's available in clients for us. We're at about 550 clients a month," says Faulk.

    She says because of the truck size, feeding 20% of Fayette County is all they can do.

    "We want to pick up more clients, but to pick up more clients you have to have more food that's how that works, an you have to have a bigger trailer or truck," according to Faulk.

    Five times a week, all day food pantries in 31 counties pull up to the food bank in Memphis, which supplies the food. Right now, in Shelby County there are more than 420,000 people who need help with food.

    "The Mid-South Food Bank is touching about half of that number so the glass is half full or half empty depending on how you look at it," says Andrew Bell with the Mid-South Food Bank.

    The food bank hands out more than 13 million pounds of food every year.

    Bell says, "Food insecurity is in every zip code in fact 21% of the population faces food insecurity."

    He says the problem is everywhere, from impoverished neighborhoods in the city, the rural areas and even in some of the wealthier suburbs.

    "People in the Mid-South are so generous, but people need to be aware that there is more work to be done," says Bell.

    He says the greatest needs include canned vegetables, fruit, meats and peanut butter, "Every $5 donated we can generate 15 meals."

    Bell says it's a reminder, every little bit can make a difference.

    FOX13 is hosting a food collection drive on April 20th from 7a.m.- 6 p.m. at Poplar Plaza. For more information click HERE

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