• Make-A-Wish: Amber Malone

    Amber is an extraordinary girl for being only 10-years-old. Although she was diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age, she is extremely interested in how others live their lives in other parts of the world. Through her Wish, she was able to experience the lifestyle of the Polynesians in Hawaii.

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    Upon arriving at the resort in Hawaii Amber and her family were greeted by their host for the week who also has scoliosis. Amber instantly bonded with him while he showed them around the island.

    “It was great for Amber to meet a ‘friend’ right off the bat,” said Pat, Amber’s mom.

    While in Hawaii, Amber and her family had many tours of the island and got to see how the Polynesians honor their culture with longstanding traditions. Amber loved getting to see how differently they lived, but how similar the people themselves were to her.

    “This trip to Hawaii really showed Amber how truly blessed she is,” said Pat, Amber’s mom.

    Not only did Amber get to experience this great trip, it also happened to fall on her birthday. The locals threw a Luau to celebrate Amber turning 11-years-old. She was crowned princess of the Luau and rode into the celebration on a ceremonial boat to start off the night.

    The whole trip brought Amber’s family together in a way nothing else could.

    “It was great to get to see Amber’s bright smile again and see how happy she really was,” said Pat.

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    Age at time of wish: 10
    Medical Condition: Scoliosis
    Wish: To Go To Hawaii
    Date of Wish: 6/15/2016
    Sponsor: Hernando High School
    Hometown: Southaven, MS

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    Make-A-Wish: Amber Malone