Family Focus: Bartlett High School senior builds food pantry for the community

Watch: Family Focus: Bartlett High School senior builds food pantry for the community

BARTLETT, Tenn. — As the coronavirus spreads, some items like toilet paper can be hard to find.

Bartlett High School Senior Sophie Demetriou is helping families in her community stay stocked up.

In February, she built a mini food pantry called the Blessing Box.

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FOX13’s Lauren Coleman talked to Demetriou over FaceTime.

“So, I compare the Blessing Box to kind of a little library,” Demetriou said.

“If you’ve seen those in neighborhoods before where you can leave a book and take a book. It’s that except with food and you don’t have to leave anything if you can’t leave anything.”

Demetriou built the box as a part of her senior project.

It stands outside the Bartlett United Methodist Church on Stage Road.

Inside, you can find essential goods like toilet paper, water bottles and peanut butter.

“Anyone can take items, but as far as dropping items off, you can either go to the box yourself and just drop it off in there if you can fit it,” Demetriou explained.

“And if you can’t fit it, I recommend you bring it to the Bartlett United Methodist Food Pantry.”

Demetriou said no matter how small the project, it can still make a huge impact.

“When I made this, I didn’t really think people would take notice of it,” she said.

“I was kind of like, this will just end up being a senior project that will get me a grade. But after I put it out everyone’s been talking about it and posting about it on Facebook and everything. I was surprised by how something so small could make such a big impact in the community.”

Bartlett United Methodist Church is located 5676 Stage Road.