Level Up: Grandmother caring for 10 kids gets help from local organization

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just last week FOX13 shared the story of a grandmother dealing with the loss of her daughter while stepping up to take care of the ten children she left behind.

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Then, Jacqueline Parson was surprised with a new van all thanks to Crystell Oliver with Dream Team Solutions and A1 Auto & Truck Center.

Now another Memphis organization is stepping up to help Parson in an even bigger way.

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FOX13 was there when Tiffany Wilson from Porter-Leath told Parson that she would be her partner caseworker.

Wilson will work with Parson to help coordinator services for her family from housing, employment and more.

“We are here to work with you and your family because it’s called a two generational approach to provide you with resources you and your family may need. These services include housing, employment, education, for both children and adults, child care and mental health safety,” Wilson told Parson.

Parson cried when she was told she would be receiving this help. She cried for her ten grandchildren whom witnessed the violent death of their mom and for her sister who died of a heart attack racing to the crime scene.

Neighbors and strangers have given clothes, cash and prayers to this family, but they could use more help.

“They need some services that will help them to survive after the things have gone away,” said Sheronda Smith from Porter-Leath.

Driving the Dream, a concept that includes many services Parson and her family will now be able to use.

“With Driving the Dream, we have those referral partnerships with partners and other agencies in town to provide those resources,” Smith added.

“I want for them to be safe and have somewhere nice to stay, and be able to go to school and graduate. Just make me proud,” said Parson.

Funeral’s for Parson’s daughter, Sierra, and her sister, Edie Denice Horne, were set for Saturday at 11 at New Bethel Baptist on Stovall Avenue.

If you would like to help this family you can donate to their gofundme page.