CLARKSDALE, Miss. - 14 people were shot after a concert in Clarksdale, Mississippi over the weekend, according to Clarksdale Police Chief Robbie Linley. 

Linley told FOX13 that 12 of those people, six men and six women, were shot on Delta Street around 2:45 a.m. All of those people were taken to the hospital in non-critical condition.

As of Monday afternoon, all had been released from the hospital except for one woman who suffered a serious leg injury, according to the police chief. 

The police chief said that the shootings stemmed from an altercation between a group of Coahoma County residents and a group of Tunica County residents. The two groups got into an altercation at a concert and then found each other again on Delta Street during Sunday's early-morning hours when the gunfire started. 

WATCH: 14 injured in 3 shootings after concert in Clarksdale, police say

Shortly after the bullets flew on Delta Street, around 3:10 a.m., a white Dodge Charger pulled up beside a man on West 2nd Street and suspects fired a single shot, hitting a man in the buttocks and non-critically injuring him, Linley told FOX13. 

Meanwhile, between 3 a.m. and 3:15 a.m., Linley said a woman was shot near the intersection of Florence Avenue and Friars Point Road, the police chief said. She was also non-critically injured.

“For the most part, people are just minding their own business and living their daily lives,” said Robert Franklin, who witnessed the shooting from his office on Delta Avenue. “This one incident is not representative of Clarksdale.”

Franklin said he heard arguing before the gunfire broke out.

"I hear two voices saying what's up to each other,” he said. “I don't know how many seconds passed but it felt quick. Then, the shooting started"

Franklin’s security camera captured him ducking under his desk the moment the shooting began. Outside, his other camera captured the mayhem as people ran from the gunfire and cars peeled out in every direction.

“Just get to cover. You know, where there’s bricks and wood between wherever it is coming from,” Franklin said. “I didn’t know who was shooting at who, where it was coming from, why it was happening. Just wait until it’s over, keep cover.”

One of his cameras repeatedly captured a man in a white T-shirt armed with a gun walking past his window.

“Whoever did this, whoever is involved, I hope they get caught and prosecuted so other people can enjoy their lives,” Franklin said.

Chief Linley told FOX13 that authorities do believe all three incidents are connected though that has yet to be determined and no one had been taken into custody. 

WATCH: 14 people shot after concert in Clarksdale, police chief says

The police chief said that Clarksdale Police and the Coahoma County Sheriff's Office have put a plan in place to increase law enforcement on the streets of Clarksdale in order to keep the citizens of Clarksdale safe, prevent any further gun violence and deter any retaliation shootings. 

Clarksdale Police called the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the Coahoma County Sheriff's Office to help investigate the string of shootings.

Clarksdale Police said they do not have a suspect in custody.

The chief said MBI, ATF and the Coahoma County Sheriff’s Office are helping in the investigation and will be on hand around town to help prevent revenge shootings.

Chief Linley said that anyone with information about these shootings or the people responsible should call the Clarksdale Police Department's Investigative Division at 662-621-8152 and ask to be connected to an investigator. 

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