Airport reviewing security policy following FOX13 investigation

Leaders at the Memphis International Airport are reviewing their security police after a FOX13 Investigation. Our crew sat for 30 minutes in the passenger drop-off area Tuesday without a word from anyone, and that raised a number of eyebrows.

“That’s totally unacceptable, and we have to do better than that,” U.S. Congressman Buddy Carter told FOX13.

Congressman Carter is a member of the Homeland Security Committee. FOX13 caught up with him to gauge his response to our story, which featured two unmarked cars sitting 50 feet from security in the drop-off line at the airport.

We timed security’s response. But after 30 minutes passed, we moved on.

The next day, the airport told FOX13 they take a customer-friendly “hassle free” approach. Congressman Carter said we all want to be hassle free when we travel. But with terrorists at work, it’s not always possible.

“We’re all going to be inconvenienced and we understand that,” Congressman Carter told FOX13.

We found the airport’s rules and regulations. There’s nothing about in the policy about being hassle free.

However, the signs in the drop off and pick up areas say “NO PARKING, NO WAITING.” On their website, it says “In accordance with safety regulations, please don't cause congestion and delay in the passenger drop-off and pick-up areas.”

CEO Scott Brockman sent FOX13 a statement saying in part “We will continue to review our policies and procedures and implement any necessary changes in order to ensure the safety of the traveling public.”

The statement went to say security has been instructed to be flexible with these procedures, unless a car is unattended or activity on the drive warrants action.