Animal Service volunteers upset over list

Memphis Animal Services volunteers and rescue group members were upset to see over fifty animals on a list that usually has less than a dozen.

“A Jack Russell Terrier, heart worm negative, a Shiatzu, heart worm negative, a Rat Terrier, heart worm negative,” volunteer Alyse Masserano said as she read the list.

Many people who have been receiving these lists for years say the animals on the list have a greater chance of being put down after the deadline date.

“Due to time, space, and whatever reasoning, the animal is not going to be guaranteed to be here after this time,” Masserano said.

However, Memphis Animal Shelter Director Alexis Pugh said the list does not have a correlation with the euthanized animals.

“Deadline on a list that goes out of animals that need rescue is not the same as a list of animals that will be killed or euthanized after that time period,” Pugh said.

She said the animals have several different reasons for being on the list.

“What we send out here to out rescue community, to people who ae our rescue partners, is a list of animals that need to be pulled,” Pugh said.

But, rescue group member Debbie Glenn said she has yet to see differences in the shelter since Pugh took the director position a few months ago.

“We understand that some things are going to take time,” Glenn said. “Give us an example, one example. We’re not seeing it.”