Attorney: Man killed by Southaven police was shot in back of head

Attorney: Man killed by Southaven police was shot in back of head

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Attorneys for the family of Ismael Lopez, the man who was shot and killed Sunday night by Southaven police, held a news conference Friday to address new, explosive evidence in the case.

“The story has changed over and over again about the death of Ismael Lopez,” Murray Wells, the family attorney, said in regards to how law enforcement has addressed the shooting.

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There was no warrant in effect at the time of the shooting. It was signed out of Tate County on Monday, July 24.

Lopez was shot and killed on July 23. During the news conference, attorney revealed how Lopez died.

“Mr. Lopez died by a single bullet to the back of his head,” Wells said.

Samuel Pearman, who was the subject of the warrant out of Tate County, spoke with FOX13 about what he saw the night of the deadly shooting.

The attorney said that after processing all of the information that has been released by law enforcement and elected officials, it is “impossible” to “see how can you arrive at the conclusion of anything other than a cover up.”

The attorney stressed that his findings are based on the distance from the door to where Mr. Lopez came to a rest, along with the nature of the injury.

“It is completely contrary to any notion that he is at the door, with the door cracked, brandishing a weapon. Those facts cannot peacefully coexist in any universe," Wells said.

Based on the “failure” of how this case has been handled, the attorney called for action against the Southaven Police Department.

“We are officially calling for the resignation of the Chief of Police of the Southaven Police Department and any officers associated in any way with this tragedy," Wells said.

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He also called for the immediate resignation of any elected officials that made “knowingly false statements” regarding the death of Ismael Lopez.

“The fact that he was shot in the head away from the door destroys all of those statements,” Wells said.

He called for the Department of Justice to investigate the case.