• Body parts found in drain at Memphis VA Hospital

    By: Darrell Greene


    The Memphis VA Hospital is being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), following the discovery that body parts are not being disposed of properly.

    FOX13 obtained and verified a report about the discovery.

    It states a worker responded to a clogged drain in a maintenance closet and found “brown water” in a floor sink.

    He cleared the drain, and the OSHA report revealed what was clogging the sink. It read in part as follows:

    “The IFVGems Coordinator went to Building 10 and saw the bucket and indicated she thought the contents was body tissue of some kind…”

    FOX13 spoke with an OSHA administrator Tuesday afternoon. That individual said there are very specific guidelines on how and where to dispose of these kinds of biohazards.

    Pouring them in the sink is a blatant violation of those protocols.

    FOX13 emailed the Memphis VA Hospital. And so far, we have received no comment.

    We also continue to ask for an interview will Interim Director Bill Mills about the conditions of the hospital, and we have repeatedly been denied.

    This is just the latest major problem FOX13 has uncovered at the Memphis VA. In the past, we’ve exposed long patient wait times, improper treatment of patients in the paralyzed veterans ward and even the death of a veteran in the care of the emergency room.

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