"Extremely dangerous" prisoner escapes from Marshall County jail

MARSHALL CO., Miss. — Visitors were not allowed in the Marshall County Detention Center Sunday after an inmate escaped overnight.

"Between 1:00 (a.m.) and 1:30 this morning Mr. Adams escaped from the Marshall County's Sheriff's Department," Criminal Investigator Kelly McMillen said.

Detectives said Antoine Adams is the focus of a massive manhunt. He was behind bars in Mississippi, charged with murdering DeAundra McNeal. A heinous crime McMillen has been overseeing for nearly a year.

"He was discovered in a ditch, shot multiple times on December 1st, 2016, and that's where the investigation began," McMillen said.

Adams is also accused of murder in Shelby County.

"Considering the circumstances surrounding the other cases here and as well as in Memphis, we consider this guy very dangerous," McMillen said.

McMillen told FOX13, the 27-year-old was caught on camera. Video shows Adams squeezing through a jail cell window that leads to the outside.

"He went under a fence that surrounds the perimeter that was not covered by the razor wire," McMillen went on to describe.

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Adams then vanished. It's unclear if someone was waiting nearby to assist in his escape, but what is clear is that a wide net was cast to catch the inmate, who has strong connections in Frayser.

The search for Adams was not only multi-county, but a multi-state manhunt for the accused killer. Detectives also told FOX13 Adams was able to escape from the jail one day before it was set to undergo major security upgrades.

"We were in the process of securing the jail and equipping the jail a lot better than it is now," McMillen said. "And that construction was supposed to begin in the morning."

It's a daring escape from a man deemed both dangerous and desperate.

The Sheriff told FOX13 the jailer overseeing Adams should "start looking for other employment." Adams has a neck tattoo, however detectives say it's likely he has removed a gold grill over his front teeth.

Because he is considered armed and dangerous, detectives say do not approach him, instead call 911.