MEMPHIS, Tenn - The owner of Broadway Pizza on Broad Avenue shot and killed her nephew after an altercation inside of the restaurant, according to a manger who works at the business. 

"I'm still shocked about everything happening," the manager, Melissa Reed, said. 


Memphis Police said the shooting happened around 2 p.m. inside the popular Memphis restaurant. Officers said that one man was found shot to death on the scene, killed by someone who knew him. 

According to Reed, that shooting was in self-defense. 

"He just got upset about something and, all of a sudden, he started to get into it with the owner," Reed said. 

FOX13 News was outside the restaurant when employees arrived, just learning what occurred inside the business. 

"Is it a safe place usually," FOX13's Daniel Wilkerson asked one employee. 

"Yeah, sure. I haven't had any problems at all. But, I'm a recent worker there. I can't really tell you much," the employee said. 

Memphis Police said a woman was detained at the scene but later released with no charges filed against her. 



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