• Brownsville host art exhibit for Black History Month


    The Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville, TN will be hosting a month long exhibit in honor of Black History Month. The exhibit titled, “I Am a Man Inspired” showcases the talent of three local African-American artists with “distinctive” and “eclectic” style.

    “The works of these gentlemen are so different,” says Sonia Outlaw-Clark, director of the center. “All three have lived in the same community for the majority of their lives, yet you see in their paintings that their lives have not been similar. Each has managed to use their personal experiences as fuel for their creativity and you can’t help but look at each piece and wonder what inspired it.”

    The three artist, 65-year-old John Jarrett Sr., 55-year-old Floyd Mask Jr.,and professional actor and model 38-year old Roy Hawkins all come from different walks of life, but share a passion for art their “God-given” talent. There will also be a special reception honoring the artist held February 20th.

    Opening, February 4th through March 10th the exhibit will be free for the public.  

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