Burglary suspect escapes custody in handcuffs

Burglary suspect escapes custody in handcuffs

Memphis police say a burglary suspect escaped from police custody, leaving the burglary victim sleepless as police search for the unidentified man.

The break-in happened early Sunday morning on the 3000 block of Castleman Street in Parkway Village.

Janet Sparks told FOX13 she was in Eastern Tennessee celebrating her granddaughter’s high school graduation, when she learned that a thief had broken into her home.

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“Ransacked,” Sparks said. “Upstairs, downstairs. Who would have thought he’d take the sheets off the beds?”

Police arrested the suspected burglar within hours, and recovered the items that were stolen. But police told FOX13 the man escaped MPD’s custody as the arresting officer escorted the suspected burglar out of the vehicle.

Louis Brownlee, a spokesperson for MPD, told FOX13 in an email that the suspect was handcuffed when he was arrested, and ran away wearing the handcuffs.

“He was placed in handcuffs and transported to 201 for further investigation,” Brownlee said. “When the officer took the prisoner out of the vehicle at 201, he was able to break free. At this time, we are still searching for the suspect.”

Sparks said she’s nervous about the suspected burglar roaming the streets of Memphis, but she’s glad she got her things back. The victim told FOX13 the items the burglar took aren’t worth much money, but they’re meaningful to her.

"It's like a nightmare going on in my head," Sparks said, as tears filled her eyes. "He didn't really get a whole lot. Certain thing that my husband bought me, and he's not around anymore."

Officers said the man was last seen running from the Shelby County Jail on Washington Avenue toward B.B. King Blvd.

Brownlee said police have not identified the suspected burglar.

Sparks said she has a security system, but it failed her.

“He was inside, doing his thing while the alarm was going off,” Sparks told FOX13. “I just got off the phone trying to talk to ADT. It took them a good 30 minutes to even call the police.”