• Charges dropped against triple murder suspect


    Charges against the teen accused of killing a man and his pregnant girlfriend at the Sycamore Lake Apartments have been dropped.

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    An arrest warrant was issued for Shelby Isaac on three counts of first degree murder on February 5. Hours later, she was booked in to the Shelby County Jail.

    Police said E.J. Tate and Edwina Thomas were sitting in their car in the 2100 block of Westchester Circle when a woman approached the vehicle and opened fire.

    The couple was killed. Thomas was six to eight weeks pregnant at the time of the shooting, and the case was classified as a triple homicide. 

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    Victoria Seay was the first suspect arrested in connection with the shooting. She was charged with being an accessory to murder.

    And according to Shelby Isaac's arrest affidavit, Seay gave police a statement saying she witnessed Issac shooting both victims and then driving away from the scene.

    The affidavit also states witnesses saw a woman, believed to be Isaac, going through Tat's pockets after the shooting.

    However, during a court hearing on Tuesday, the three murder charges against Isaac were dismissed due to no probable cause. That means prosecutors did not have enough evidence to continue the case at this time.

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