Collierville schools releases statement after some students wear all black for "America Day"

Collierville High School encouraged students to wear patriotic gear for "America Day" as part of homecoming festivities, but some chose to wear all black instead, noting recent protests by pro athletes of the national anthem.

Collierville Schools released a statement saying in part, "Reflecting the recent, publicized actions of some organizations and high-profile individuals, a small, coordinated group of students elected to wear black-colored clothing instead. While these contrasting dress styles understandably encouraged questions and diverse reactions among students, the school day proceeded normally and without major incident."

However, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office did assign additional deputies to the school during dismissal to, "...assist with preventing any escalation."

Officials told FOX13 policy states that personnel will seek to create an atmosphere where, "...differences of opinion can be voiced without fear and hostility and with mutual respect for all viewpoints.”