Community leaders call for a state of emergency following 3 child fatal shootings last month

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Community leaders are calling for a state of emergency ride back to the streets where three Memphis children were shot and killed last month in two separate drive-by shootings.

On Saturday, they announced that groups are heading to those neighborhoods Sunday where those kids were murdered less than 30 hours apart.

Groups are starting another round of Ride of Tears.

This is where they drive a hearse through the neighborhoods to raise awareness about gun violence.

“Death of my son shot in the head with an AKA assault rifle, went through his eye and tore his head off. I watched him lay on that ground for two hours,” said Stevie Moore founder of Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives.

Moore’s son was 23 years old when he was murdered. He’s using his message to speak out about a problem taking the lives of so many people in Memphis.

Lives like six-year-old Ashlyn Luckett, 10-year-old Jadon Knox, and 16-year-old Lequan Boyd.

“We’re calling this a state of emergency ride right now cause it’s never been this stressful. Young people like this a six-year-old haven’t even started didn’t have nothing to do with nothing.”

That’s why community leaders are preparing to get into a hearse and go back to the very streets where the murders remain unsolved. They hope to turn heads and stop the killing.

“It’s time for change. We call this a state of emergency ride because everybody got to come together. We got to stop fighting one another and we got to stop acting like God don’t love us. We are the only community that’s fighting against each other,” said Mary Trice; president of Ride for Tears.

Memphis police still don’t have many leads about the shooters.

Knox was killed in a drive-by shooting on Josephine Street in Orange Mound while playing outside January 19. Luckett and Boyd died after a drive-by shooting the next day on Kirby Mills Cove in Hickory Hill. Leaders say the community has become numb to senseless violence.

"We have got to wake up Memphis and that’s what I’m calling on Memphis to wake up. Come on y’all we cannot accept this behavior in our community,” said Moore.

The ride of Tears is Sunday. The line up is at 2:00 pm at 3214 South Third Street in Memphis. Dinner will be served after.

That same group is taking their message to Nashville Wednesday where they will speak to state lawmakers about gun violence.

Fox 13 spoke with Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway over the phone today. He’s going to introduce a bill that would put tougher penalties on those firing into a house, a car or a crowd in a drive-by shooting.