1.29.20 Cheap eyeglasses and contacts; FDA condemns Purell claims; Delete info Facebook has on you

We tend to just accept that prescription glasses are costly. There is an international cartel that's been buying up both retailers and frame manufacturers for eyeglasses in order to corner the market and take prices through the roof. BUT, when there's market concentration to push prices up, there's always a rebound effect. Now there's a fast growing marketplace of discounters offering eyeglasses at a fraction of cartel prices. Frames and lenses complete can be had for as little as $15. Consumer Reports has put together ratings for the discounters. Number 1 – Costco Optical, 2 – Warby Parker, 3 – Zenni Optical. In fact, every single discounter rated got at least a good score. Know you can get good eyeglasses for under $100 – even for bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses.
-For contacts, 1800Contacts is now offering a free online eye exam for contacts, with an eyeglass Rx. See our guide. There are enormous price differences for contacts. Beware merchants pushing high cost lenses.

Many of us use hand sanitizers thinking we’re protecting ourselves from germs. If using Purell, you may even think you’re protected from the flu. The company has even claimed the product can prevent Ebola! No more says the FDA. They’re reclassifying Purell as an unapproved drug because of these outlandish claims. The real advice from the FDA and the CDC is to simply wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Only default to hand sanitizer when there’s no alternative. Also we worry about catching colds and flu on airplanes. The Journal of the National Academy of Sciences finds you have to be within 3 feet of a sick person for them to be a potential hazard to your health. Don’t worry the whole plane is contagious.

Via permissions, Facebook tracks you OUTSIDE of Facebook, when you're not using Facebook or any of their services. Under pressure, in an effort to stave off legislation that would restrict their tracking activities much more, Facebook now offers the tool, Off Facebook Activity, allowing you to see and curtail this tracking. At sign up we unwittingly give Facebook permission to spy on us everywhere we go online. They know all. Third party apps are reporting to Fb what you're doing online. They know what articles you read, podcasts you listen to, music etc. They can then build an ultra-deep dossier for sale and for targeted ads. Producer Joel used the new tool to delete the info and found it very easy.  
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