• Couple accused of elderly abuse charged


    Andrea Noah and William Innis are charged with two counts of elder abuse.

    Police say when they arrived on the scene they found Noah's father, 70-year-old Andrew Morrison, in a days old soiled diaper with caked on feces and urine.

    "Oh wow, that's real messed up, that's not right,” neighbor Angela Brewer said. “Hopefully they'll help this man now."

    Trash, old clothes, and boxes litter the yard and curb around the house on Gailwood Avenue where Memphis Police say this all happened. It's all just a small tell-tale sign of what police describe as horrible living conditions inside the home.           

    According to court documents, 70-year old Andrew Morrison was found in a diaper with "feces and urine" caked on him, his feet were discolored and "swollen with gangrene," and he was living in a home with “no working electricity.”

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    "That is just horrible, and I hope somebody pays for that, because that's not right to do the elderly like that at all,” Brewer said.

    The arrest affidavits for Morrison's daughter and her boyfriend say the two have access to Morrison's finances and were not using them to take care of him.           

    FOX13 spoke to advocates at the Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (CREA) who tell us cases like this often go unreported.

    "Only 1 in 23 cases goes reported, and a lot of people, a lot of older adults might not know they're being abused,” Patti Tosti of the Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse said. “90 percent of the cases it's a family member so they don't want to report it, or they could be afraid."        

    But advocates say state law requires us all to step in.

    "We are all mandated reporters, you do not have to prove abuse, you just have to suspect it,” Tosti said.

    If you suspect any kind of abuse, you can call Adult Protective Services at (888) 277-8366, or (888) APS-TENN.

    To learn more about the Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse, check out http://protectolderadults.org/. CREA also plans to have a community awareness event at Benjamin Hooks Library at 9 a.m. Monday, June 15 for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.


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