• Courtroom chaos erupts at hearing for man charged in murder of Midtown woman

    By: Zach Crenshaw , Kristin Leigh


    The family of a murdered Memphis woman was escorted out of court after an emotional outburst during the suspected killer’s hearing.

    Joshua Fisher, 29, is accused of shooting and killing Bria Isaac, 28, in October.

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    “My family, they very upset,” Melissa Isaac, the murder victim’s mother, told FOX13. “She shouldn’t have left here like that.”

    Family members described Fisher as an abusive boyfriend. They said Bria was shot the day she planned to leave him.

    “He didn't do nothing through the years, but fight on her,” Melissa Isaac said. “They had been together ten years. She was going to leave him.”

    U.S. Marshals arrested Fisher in Haywood County Monday, almost two months after Melissa Isaac found her daughter’s body slumped over the bathtub in her Midtown apartment on October 15.

    Fisher was charged with assaulting Bria about five months before she was killed.

    According to court records, Bria Isaac called Memphis police after a violent outburst in May. She told officers at the scene that Fisher, “...became angry and punched her on the eye.”

    Police on scene noticed Bria’s eye was, “...bloody, cut, and swollen,” according to court records.

    Officers also noted in the May arrest record that Fisher had been charged with assaulting Bria multiple times, writing they identified Fisher, “...from a past arrest for assaulting Bria Isaac.”

    “I never liked him,” Lucille Isaac, Bria’s grandmother, told FOX13 just before the outburst at the Justice Center.

    “We told her, 'Bria, you need to leave him alone,'” the Grandmother added. “She wouldn’t do it.”

    Isaac’s bond hearing Thursday was for the assault in May. The judge set his bond for $8,000. He has another hearing Monday, Dec. 12, when his bond will be set for charges including first degree murder and domestic assault.

    The murder victim’s mother hopes her daughter’s story will encourage women in dangerous relationships to get help.

    “Please get out,” Melissa Isaac said. “Please get some help and get out. You don't deserve to go through any kind of abuse from no one and no man.”

    If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, you can contact the Shelby County Crime Victim’s Center. Services are free and confidential. 

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