Friends pay tribute to Mississippi constable killed in car crash

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — A Mississippi community is mourning the loss off of a beloved constable after he was killed in a car crash.

Constable Raye Hawkins was killed Thursday after two teens stole a car in Tallahatchie County and were chased by police through Batesville. Hawkins

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Justice Court Judge Charlie Baglan told FOX13 that Raye Hawkins was both his friend in court and outside of court, and he is troubled by the fact that Hawkins is gone.

“He is a wonderful guy. I have never heard anybody that would say anything bad about him. To the contrary it has always been good,” said Judge Baglan.

Around Batesville signs have gone up with blue ribbons and a black ribbon over it to pay tribute to Hawkins for his law enforcement service in the community.

Judge Baglan said the community is taking the loss hard.

“I mean he was always smiling, he was always in a good mood and he would bend over backwards to help you. I could just go on and on about him.”

Judge Baglan told FOX13 that yes Panola County will elect another constable but it won’t be anyone like his friend Raye Hawkins.

“Well I have lost a good friend and an officer of the court, and there is nobody who is going to fill his shoes. I mean somebody will get appointed constable and somebody will get elected constable, but it won’t be Raye. I mean he was great.”

Friday evening, the police department held a procession and brought him home after the autopsy in Jackson.

Funeral arrangements have not be finalized yet.