Man killed by US Marshals in Frayser last year was shot 16 times, medical report shows

WATCH: Man killed by US Marshals in Frayser last year was shot 16 times, medical report shows

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Brandon Webber was shot and killed by U.S. Marshals June 2019 in a Memphis neighborhood.

A medical report obtained by FOX13 showed Brandon Webber was shot 16 times during an officer-involved shooting in Frayser.

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Law enforcement agencies in the Mid-South said Webber was “wanted on multiple warrants,” which included violent crimes in Hernando, Mississsippi.

Webber was 20-years-old at the time.

Retired Shelby County Captain Bennie Cobb looked over the reports from the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center Office of the Medical Examiners page by page.

The paperwork classifies his death as a homicide, which doesn’t imply its crime related, according to Cobb

“The ruling after the investigation will most likely be justified homicide. This is just a classification they put into the report. It is already a pre-established rule you have to classify the death in manner,” Cobb explained.

Cobb said the report also shows how far the shots traveled.

“There wasn’t any indication that there were close contact built wounds that would leave soot or gunshot residue. Two to three feet away at least or more than likely father away," Cobb said.

Webber’s toxicology report showed he had alcohol, marijuana and other drugs in his blood system.

“We are looking at small quantities and I don’t think that it would alter his behaviors. It is not like speed, acid or LSD. You are talking about a small amount of marijuana, alcohol below the legal consumption so I don’t see anything in here that would alter his behavior to make him a raging maniac or anything like that.”

Webber’s death has been under investigation for months. Cobb thinks these reports will clear up some of the misunderstandings.

“I feel like this will clear up some of the misconceptions or misunderstandings that are going on in the community. I am sure that all the officer that fired shots or if he fired shots there are going to be many more that weren’t impacted by the body. It is going to be interesting to find out how many shots were fired off from either side."

For now, we know how Webber died and where he was shot, but law enforcement said this is separate from the official TBI investigation which could take months before its released.

WATCH: New details from medical and toxicology reports of man killed by US Marshals last year