Memphis woman says she was scammed by someone posing as a hairstylist

WATCH: Memphis woman says she was scammed by someone posing as a hairstylist

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Scammers posing as hairstylists are popping up on social site in Memphis and scamming would be clients out of money.

In this instance, a person allegedly stole pictures of hairstyles online and claimed they were the stylist.

A Memphis woman said she booked a hair appointment and paid a deposit with a woman she thought was a hairstylist on a Memphis Facebook group.

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She said she lost her money and was sent to a fake address.

Onteria showed FOX13 messages between her and a woman she thought was a stylist and proof that her payment was approved on the app. She found it was a scam when she showed up for her appointment.

"“When I pulled up initially there was another lady there. And she looked frantic like she was mad... I was like what is going on and she said, are you here for a braider. “ Onteria said. “We went up to the door, knocked on the door, we looked in the windows. There was really no one in that house.”

FOX13 spoke to Wanda Stubbs, a licensed cosmetologist who said most hairstylists go by a code of ethics.

“What they teach us in school is the code of ethics and it would be unethical to take someone’s money and not give them a service,” Stubbs said.

Stubbs said this scenario is far too common for people searching online for hair services.

She said scammers are creating online profiles and pretending to be hairstylists and stealing the work of credible and reputable hair salons.

“I think it is sad that you would take the time out to steal my pictures and post them as if it is your work, then take money and profit off something I put my hard work into,” Stubbs said.

Stubbs said there are ways a true hairstylist can avoid these problems.

“I would just that people would watermark their pictures. Or put their logo on their pictures when they upload them," said Stubbs.

As for Onteria, she said she regrets paying through a cash app to the fake account, but she was really shaken up that she trusted the scammer enough to compromise her own safety when she showed up.

“Who ever lived there at the right to come out and shoot us or harm us. Anything, we could’ve been harmed. It was me and a older lady,” Onteria said.

To verify if someone is a licensed cosmetologist who practices in the state you can call the State of Tennessee Department of Licensed Cosmetologists.