Memphis woman wakes up to find car riddled with bullets

WATCH: Memphis woman wakes up to find car riddled with bullets

MEMPHIS Tenn. — Imagine waking up to take your children to school only to go outside and see that your car has been filled with bullet holes.

That’s what happened to one Memphis mother who said she’s now concerned for her children’s safety in their own home.

“This is what I saw when I came out. My front windshield was shot out. I had to cover it up with tape so my kids can stay warm. However, this window was busted out. I was able to afford to get this one fixed,” Jennifer Lee told FOX13.

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Lee said she’s lived in the Brent Tree Apartments since August.

She said Friday morning her daughter woke up earlier than normal.

“She woke me up at 4 o’clock in the morning and said they’re shooting again,” Lee said.

She said she went outside to take her kids to school and noticed her car was full of bullet holes.

“I was angry. I was hurt, because I knew I couldn’t afford to get it fixed.”

Police said damages exceeded a thousand dollars. They said there were three bullet holes in the front windshield, two bullet holes in the driver’s side front window, one in the passenger side rear window and the back glass was completely shattered due to gun shots.

“My biggest fear is for my kids. That’s who I do this for. They’re prisoners in the house. They can’t be on the steps because I can’t lose them to ignorance.”

She said the apartment unit promised surveillance cameras, but when she asked the office for the footage to give to police, she was told they’re under maintenance.

“They said Ms. Lee the cameras are being placed and put u now. That’s too late. What if I would’ve died that night and he still came to my home? Police don’t make it in time.”

FOX13 went to the office to speak to the apartment about the cameras, but the office was closed for training.

Police said multiple shell casings were collected around the vehicle and those casings have been tagged at the 201 Poplar Property and Evidence room.

Lee said the shooting has to stop.

“It’s got to stop, someone is going to get hurt! A bullet does not have a name on it.”

But it doesn’t stop there.

Lee said Monday night someone knocked on her door and when her daughter answered the door with her newborn baby, a gunman pointed a gun at her. When she slammed the door, that gunman fired around ten rounds into the apartment. Police said they’re actively looking for the suspect.