Mid-South family happy to be alive after masked men attacked them at gunpoint inside their home

WATCH: Mid-South family happy to be alive after masked men attacked them at gun point inside their home

MARION, Ark. — A Marion family said they’re grateful to be alive after robbers broke into their home.

Home security footage showed four men with guns breaking into the apartment Wednesday night.

The victim said when she got home, there was broken glass, pillows on the floor and blood on carpet where the robbers had beaten up her friend.

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The video showed four armed men taking whatever they can from this apartment and pointing their guns at these two teenage boys.

Kalda Motley said she was at work when everything happened.

“It just hurt my soul, I can’t explained it, it hurt so bad, to me out of all of the stuff, I didn’t care about that, I cared about the most was those young men laying there with guns to their heads and these guys threatening to take their life away for whatever,” Motley said.

Motley said one of her friends was watching her two sons while she was working late Wednesday night.

She said the robbers forced themselves into the apartment and took almost $10,000 worth of technology, clothes, shoes and cash.

Motley said she believes her family may have been targeted.

“The apartment next door was vacant, and it was open. If that apartment wasn’t open, they wouldn’t have had the leverage to get close to do that thing, to hide out and get in here,” Motley explained.

Now she said her apartment complex is trying to evict her.

FOX13 called and visited the leasing office Friday.

No one would talk with us and we were referred me to their corporate office, Lindsey Management.

We called and emailed them but haven’t gotten a response as of Friday evening.

Marion police are still investigating the incident while Motley is left picking up the pieces.

“They violated my sanctuary; they violated my boys.”

Motley said her boys haven’t been to school since this happened.

Law enforcement experts said if you find yourself in a similar situation you may be tempted to talk or try and negotiate wit the robbers, but that’s the opposite of what you should do.

Former Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Collins said the most important thing you can do is remain calm and listen to their demands.

“Comply, let this event hurry up and get through, because there is no advantage, no negotiating with a person that has weapons and they have a target,” Collins said.

Fortunately, no one was shot or badly injured during this home invasion, but Collins said it could have been a lot worse.

“Thank god nothing did happen in this particular situation because there was a lot of time for a lot of bad things to happen in this particular incident,” said Collins.

Collins said it’s always good to have some security system like this family. He said any video can help police with their investigation.

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