Woman speaks out after sister killed in shooting Monday morning, suspect still on the run

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The sister of a woman found shot dead inside a car is speaking out about her sudden loss while planning a trip to make funeral arrangements.

Deputies said a man shot two women in a car off Belmont Run Cove in Shelby County early Monday morning. That car was later found on Lake Valley Drive with one victim still in it.

Those victim’s were identified as Destiny Wilkins and Nayeli Bobbi Jean Bradford Esha Love.

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Jodie Mitchell said she couldn’t believe it when she found out her sister was dead.

Mitchell calls her sister by her birth name Courtney, but it was changed to Nayeli Bobbi Jean Bradford Esha Love.

“I literally called Courtney’s phone every 10 minutes hoping it was a miscommunication,” Mitchell said.

Tuesday, we spoke to the cousin of the Destiny Wilkins. Her family identified her as Destiny Maxwell, but the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said her legal name is Destiny Wilkins.

Wilkins was able to escape the car after she was shot. Officers said she died at the hospital.

Deputies said the suspect then drove off with Love.

They later found her body in the abandoned car off lake valley drive.

“It’s not easy to just not hear her laugh or hear her call or facetime her nephew on Sunday and I haven’t even told my son,” Mitchell said.

Officers said they are still searching for the suspect that is considered armed and dangerous.

Mitchell said she hopes the suspect is caught soon.

Officers said the suspect was last seen on Lake Valley Drive where he abandoned the car. Officers do not know if he ran off or was picked up by another car.

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