Documents: Mom accused of killing kids once reported missing

The Shelby County mother accused of murdering four of her children was once the subject of a missing person’s report, according to documents obtained by FOX13.

Multiple sources have identified the woman to FOX13, but we are waiting on the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to officially release the information, because they are informing the next of kin.

>> Mother accused of killing 4 of her kids

SCSO spent more than seven hours at the Green’s at Irene, which is where the killings took place. Investigators were working to find a motive as to why a mother would stab her kids to death.

“Our community has suffered an egregious act of evil and tremendous loss today,” Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham said.

As investigators search for answers, FOX13 uncovered new information about the alleged suspect from Memphis Police Department records.

Last March, her husband told MPD she went for a run in the evening. According to documents obtained by FOX13, he told officers “she has been having problems at work and have been felling stressed. She also has been feeling that someone is trying to harm her and her family.”

The suspect’s own mother told police her daughter “has not been diagnosed with a mental illness,” according to the report.

“She needs to be evaluated,” a witness at the Green’s at Irene told FOX13 when discussing the woman. “Due process of the law, because you took four people’s lives.”

Another witness told FOX13 the number of victim’s in the tragedy could have been higher.

“One of the kids got out and alerted one of the neighbors who alerted the police of what was going on,” the witness said.

The Sheriff’s Office would not confirm or deny if another child was involved but escaped from the attack.