• Dogfighting group on Facebook causes social media uproar

    By: Tony Atkins


    UPDATE at 11:45 a.m. on Aug. 24: According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the Facebook page in question has been taken down. 


    A Facebook group promoting dogfighting is making the rounds on social media, causing an uproar.

    Quincy Tyson and his two dogs, Roxanne and Jasper, moved to Memphis from Seattle in June. He brings both of his dogs to Shelby Farms regularly these days.

    Tyson was shocked to hear about the possible dogfighting in his new city.

    “As a dog owner it is quite alarming. It’s disheartening to hear that a group is devoting their attention to dog fighting,” Tyson said. “It brings light to an area of Memphis I didn’t know about.”

    The community, “Millington, Memphis and Tipton Dog Fights,” lists itself as being up and running since mid-July. The group promotes fight times and “Fast Cash” for strays.

    According to the National Humane Society, dog fights can last for one to two hours at a time and thousands of dollars can change hands on a given night.

    After a call to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, officials told FOX13’s Tony Atkins that the page is bogus. However, Memphis Police officials told Atkins that they are still investigating the matter.

    Memphis Animal Services are taking it seriously. According to Alexis Pugh of MAS, 10,000 dogs come through the shelter yearly.

    “We know that dogfighting never occurs without other crimes,” Pugh said.

    Pugh also told FOX13 that they have a dedicated space for dogs ordered by courts to be seized, due to malicious or inadvertent neglect. Those rooms are constantly full.

    Pugh says, if true, this is something that she’s happy to see MPD getting involved in.

    “Someone who is capable of putting two animals in a ring together to fight to the death, is someone we don’t want in our community,” she said.

    The Humane Society offers up to $5,000 for tipsters who report dogfighters and dogfighting activates. Police also asks anyone with information about the dogfights to call Crimestoppers. 


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