East Memphis neighborhoods purchasing SkyCop cameras

Two other East Memphis neighborhoods are taking a page out of Belle Meade’s book.

FOX13 learned the Hedgemoor and River Oaks neighborhoods applied to purchase three SkyCop cameras each. The City of Memphis is discussing these purchases at its March 1 committee meeting.

According to the council documents, Hedgemoor will pay $23,509.14 for its cameras while River Oaks will pay $25,407.16 for its cameras.

FOX13 learned River Oaks plans to place its SkyCop cameras as Oak River and Massey; Ripplebrook and East Shady Grove; and River View and East Shady Grove. We also learned Hedgemoor wants to put its cameras as Eastland and Minden; Walnut Grove and Saint Andrews Fairway; and Goodlett/Graham and Minden.

“The Real Time Crime Center cameras are a great idea. I think that will help,” said Nancy Kline, the former president of Ashley Gardens, a River Oaks subdivision.

Kline recalled a few home burglaries when homes were being renovated a while back. FOX13 checked the latest crime numbers through an MPD database: River Oaks experienced one shoplifting, one burglary and one theft from a vehicle in the neighborhood limits, while Hedgemoor saw two burglaries and one theft classified as “other.”

There have been other crimes within a one mile radius of the neighborhood: Two simple assaults, three burglaries and eight auto thefts around the River Oaks neighborhood. There was one aggravated assault, five simple assaults, eight auto thefts, one robbery and 11 burglary among crimes listed in a one mile radius of the Hedgemoor neighborhood.

“If in fact the cameras are displaying in the real time crime center, then an officer or officers will be dispatched to that area which may be able to catch that individual in the commission of a crime,” said Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams.

Williams added neighborhoods who purchase their own SkyCop cameras help free up other MPD cameras for other areas of the city.

He said while it’s not boots on the ground, the neighborhoods’ cameras will deter crime.

“A lot of times when people see cameras on a pole or a camera that's monitoring something, they try to avoid that camera. They try to avoid that area,” said Williams. He added if a crime is committed, the cameras still capture it all, from suspect to vehicle description, and help solve crimes faster.

Memphis City Council will discuss River Oaks and Hedgemoor’s camera purchases at its committee meeting Tuesday.

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