Family members don't believe murder suspect Quinton Tellis is guilty

Family members of Quinton Tellis, the man accused of killing Jessica Chambers, are speaking out.

FOX13 was the first station to break the news of the indictment charging Tellis in Chambers’ murder, and we have since learned new details about the accused killer and his life in Panola County.

Quinton Tellis used to live in a trailer just off Highway 51 in Courtland. People who live in the area sent us to a particular trailer, which at one point was occupied by the suspect and his mother.

The trailer is within walking distance of the M&M Quick Stop. It is the last place where Jessica Chambers was seen alive.

When we knocked on the trailer door, no one answered.

FOX13 met three of Tellis's family members in Courtland. They didn't want to go on camera, but did tell us they don't think Quinton Tellis is guilty.

They said he was raised in a good environment like any other human being. They also told FOX13 they didn't want to say anything else, for fear it could hurt his case.

FOX13 learned money that Chambers’ car keys were found on the side of the road, a short distance from the crime scene.

Sources said they were picked up by a man and a boy who were out walking. And when they realized what they had, they called law enforcement.