Family searching for answers after security guard uses excessive force on pregnant woman


  • The family of the victim is still looking for answers this morning.
  • The brother of the victim, who is a licensed security guard, questions whether on not the suspect is actually licensed.
  • Bent Tree Apartments told FOX13 their security company was Cobra Memphis, however Cobra Memphis said they do not contract with Bent Tree.
  • FOX13 is still working to uncover the name of the security guard in question.


A pregnant woman said she was thrown to the ground and pepper sprayed by an armed security guard at the Bent Tree Apartments, and it was all caught on tape.

The family told FOX13 they were helping their mom, whose apartment had caught on fire, when the incident happened.

The expectant mother said the unborn baby is ok.

However, the family said tensions were high. So, they pulled out their cell phones and began capturing video.

That is when they said a security guard attacked.

"My name is on the lease. So, I don't have to leave," the expectant mother, Camri Denton, can be heard telling the guard in the video. "I don't have to leave. My name is on the lease.”

“Ma'am, you are causing a riot out here," the guard answered. "You are causing people out here to act crazy.”

Denton told FOX13, “He snatched me up by my wrist. He almost broke it... After I'm two to three months pregnant. And they slammed me against the wall. They put me in handcuffs, and the female pepper sprayed me."

Denton’s father, Andre Buford, witnessed the incident from start to finish. "I mean, I don't understand how security is able to get away with things like this," he said. "Especially when your job is to secure the problem, not cause problems."

The family told us they know this particular security guard well.

They have had run-ins with him in the past and question whether he is actually licensed to be a security guard or carry a weapon. So, we went to Bent Tree Apartments to speak to someone about their security guard, but they would not even let us in the door.

We contacted Bent Tree Apartments Wednesday morning before we went to the complex, and they told us their security company was Cobra Memphis.

So, we contacted Cobra Memphis, and the owner of the company told us his company does not have the contract to secure Bent Tree Apartments.

FOX13 will continue to follow this story to find the name of the security guard and what type of training he had prior to this incident.