Brazen CVS robbery sparks concern for residents

FOX13 has learned the FBI is aware of the brazen armed robbery of a CVS drug store just before midnight Friday and will look closer at the crime if the suspects are linked to hold-ups in other states.

Three gunmen forced customers to lie on the ground as they forced the pharmacist to hand over 60 bottles of codeine, a powerful opioid painkiller.

FOX 13 showed the frightening surveillance video of gunman with masks sprinting into the store to pharmacy students at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

"It was frightening, very frightening, especially the whole mask thing,” Ashley Fraysure said.

Kelsey Britt looked at the video posted on and said "It is scary and it could happen to me any day that I go into work."

We called CVS Corporate for comment and they sent the following email.

It read in part: "The safety and well-being of our customers and employees is our highest priority ... We have security policies and procedures in place at all of our stores and we regularly review them to ensure effectiveness."

The students said security is a big issue in retail pharmacy because of the nation's opioid epidemic.

"They tell us if someone comes in and asks for drugs we have to give it to them if they have gun,” said Britt. “They are gonna shot me if I don’t give it to them".

More stores and hospitals are providing security guards and panic buttons, but sometimes it is not enough said Fraysure who works at a hospital.

"There have been situations where there have been patients who do get antsy and violent about their medication and you do have to call security," she added.