• FedEx flies Memphis child for Chicago liver transplant

    By: Sarah Bleau


    A Memphis family received the call they’ve been waiting more than a year for: A liver was available in Chicago for their two-year-old girl, Brooklyn.

    The problem: Chicago experienced a blizzard the Farris family received the call Wednesday afternoon. More than 1,300 Chicago flights were cancelled because of the snow storm.

    So Memphis did what Memphis does best.

    Family friend John Carroll told FOX13 as soon as the news hit social media, people were making calls and finding flights. Weather kept getting in the way though: The flights were cancelled or couldn’t take off until when the family needed to be in Chicago for the surgery.

    Time was of the essence: The surgery had to be done within 24 hours of the organ donation. If the family couldn’t find a way, the liver would go to another family needing it, and the Farris family would be waiting again.

    Six hours after receiving the call, and an hour after friends and family gathered in front of the Farris home to pray, they received their answer.

    FedEx flew the family to Chicago on their corporate jet, then transported them to the hospital.  It all happened within less than two hours.

    At 10 a.m. Brooklyn went into surgery. According to the COTA for Brooklyn F Facebook page, the surgery lasts 13 hours, but their doctor believes it could be done within seven hours.

    The journey won’t end there for the family: They will have to stay in Chicago for a while following the surgery, and they’ll have to continue going back and forth from Memphis to Chicago for follow up care.

    Friends and family have set up a page where they’ve already raised $31,245.85 towards the $75,000 the Farris family estimates they’ll need for continued care. (embed link: http://www.cotaforbrooklynf.com)


    *UPDATE**It’s GO TIME everyone! The Faris family just received the call. THE CALL. There is a liver waiting for Brooklyn in Chicago today. Prayers for the family's travel are very appreciated! If you’ve already donated to COTA on behalf of Brooklyn—please consider giving a little more. If you’ve shared the link to the website and the video—PLEASE SHARE AGAIN! Memphis has been so incredibly generous to the Faris family and now the real need begins. Let’s see sweet Brooklyn all the way through! Today we pray for Brooklyn’s healing and we praise God for all He is doing! http://www.cotaforbrooklynf.com/

    Posted by COTA For Brooklyn F on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

    FedEx Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Communications, Patrick Fitzgerald, sent FOX13 the following comment:

    “When we learned of the extraordinary circumstances and extreme urgency of the situation with Brooklyn, we knew we had to do something. Thankfully, we had the network and resources available to make it happen for this family in our hometown of Memphis. The entire FedEx family is pulling for a quick and full recovery for Brooklyn.” 

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